Hi, I'm Nicole Schedalke. I love design and art! :)


Nicole Schedalke, originally Berliner, came to Norway in 2007, and to Os in Österdalen in 2010. The artist Nicole Schedalke was born 1976 in Berlin/Germany. Already in earliest childhood pencil, paper, brushes and colors were their constant companions. After school she completed in 1998 her education as professional classical porcelain paintress at the KPM (Koenigliche Porzellan Manufaktur - Royal Porcellan Manufactory) in Berlin. For consolidation of the learned abilities she trained in 1999 at the porcelain technical school in Selb/ Bavaria further as decorator and worked as a freelance porcelain painter in several studios, like e.g. the Manufactory Flügel in Selb-Plößberg/ Bavaria. For adaptation to modern time and also as reorientation she learned the occupation of the graphic designer and worked many years independently

and successfully in Germany and Norway. In these times she discovered also her love for the photography. The love of things with personal touch and passion for paper and color is the driving force behind Nicole.


It remained nevertheless her bases up today with fine, objective painting. Classical ranges of topics of her painting like: portrait, animals, still lives, houses, roads and landscapes are captured powerful and empathetic, strong-colored or with damped palette, nearly photo-realistically. With a sensitive stroke of the brush and the big love for details she creates atmospheric snap-shots. In Os in Österdalen (Norway) and its vicinity, in which she resides and lives, many impressions are offered, with which she is in a constant pictorial dialogue. She loves deeply to paint with water color and pencil.


In other words, she is a very versatile artist, but admits that illustration is closest to her heart.

„The everyday small things, the love for nature, the feeling for humans, should take a larger place in our inside life.

Because feelings come from hearts and help me to master the life better”.


Let your heart smile :)

Do you find personal unique images and motives. LIMITED EDITION ART PRINTS created by Nicole Schedalke. You can order or view the motiv page in the store. If you see a subject you like, but could think of a different size or color combination then contact. Welcome!



Decorate your walls with unique arts

Talking about wall decorations for living room, there are many kinds of variations such as themes, colors, design and wallpaper. As a part of wall decorations for living room, painting has important role to make the soul of room.

Designs and Cards ideas


Christmas cards, birthdays or other individually designed gift cards other Art gifts. Now I have made repro of my paintings. These can now be ordered directly at the store. All prices are including postage.


Your motive on canvas

You can order Pictures with the subject and the shape you want. Artwork for decorating or presents for business customers and exhibitions. Send me an email with a specific photo or request a meeting.


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